Coeliac UK publishes new gluten free guidance for caterers

Posted in Licensing | May 22, 2017 | by Dadds LLP Solicitors

Coeliac UK has launched a new campaign to highlight the growing demand for improved safety, choice and availability of gluten free when eating out.

The ‘Gluten Freevolution’ campaign, supported by the Food Standards Agency, focuses on improving the levels of understanding amongst caterers. It also aims to increase the skills and knowledge of both front and back of house staff in preparing and serving gluten free food and ensuring it is safe from cross contamination.

Caroline Quentin, a patron of Coeliac UK, said: “I was diagnosed with coeliac disease two years ago and, like everyone else with the condition, when I grab a bite for lunch or go out for a meal with my family, I am putting my health in the hands of those preparing and serving the food each and every time I eat out.”

According to the charity, over 90% of people on a gluten free diet ate out in the last month, yet issues with responsiveness of staff and food safety persist, with over 50% saying that the experience can be frustrating and 25% suspecting that they had been "glutened".

The charity also says that by not catering for those on a gluten free diet, the UK hospitality industry is missing out on around £100 million each year. 

The new guidance is available to download here.

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