Pub with self-serve wall forced to make changes

Posted in Licensing | June 20, 2017 | by Dadds LLP Solicitors

A pub in Stockton-on-Tees which allowed customers to pour their own drinks has made changes after being told it was violating licensing laws.

Thirsty Souls, in Stockton town centre, allows customers to pull their own pints on a ‘self-serve wall’, though it now sells beer in three strict measurements – pints, halves and thirds.

Previously customers could order whatever measurement they desired using a top-up card.

Following news of its violation of licensing rules, the pub has also removed its Prosecco tap after officials advised owner John Taylor that the drink could only be called Prosecco if the drink is served from a bottle.

Owner Taylor said they are “keen to work with Stockton Council and trading standards. With it being such a new concept in the area we were trying to get our heads around how it works. We spent a day with Tees Valley Measurement and they ensure the measurements are all calibrated. In terms of the customer experience, it’s no different.”

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