Second phase of Local Alcohol Action Areas launched

Posted in Licensing | February 01, 2017 | by Dadds LLP Solicitors

The Home Office yesterday launched the next round of Local Alcohol Action Areas (LAAA) aimed at tackling problems in the night-time economy.

The programme initially launched in February 2014 covering 20 areas and 33 new regions are coming on board for this second phase.

The government states that each area will be supported to implement their plan which will see local agencies including licensing authorities, health bodies, and police coming together with businesses to address problems caused by alcohol in their local area.

The first phase of the programme saw a number of interventions introduced to reduce street drinking, vulnerability and violence. These ranged from club hosts patrolling bars to offer help to vulnerable people, mandatory safeguarding training for taxi drivers and a triage service for street drinkers.

The Association of Licensed and Multiple Retailers (ALMR) has welcomed the second phase of the initiative. ALMR Chief Executive Kate Nicholls said: “Local Alcohol Action Areas give local authorities a chance to foster closer working relationships with venues in their areas to tackle any areas of harm. We are often calling on councils to develop a more holistic approach to licensing and this scheme is a good example of cooperation.

“The key to tackling any instances of alcohol-related harm is through partnership and mutual support between councils and venues. We are keen to see a move away from indiscriminate punitive measures such as levies, and Local Alcohol Action Areas give pubs and bars an opportunity to lead this collaborative effort and show both national and local authorities we are serious about promoting healthy attitudes towards alcohol.”

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