‘Tower Hamlets Levy will undermine local business’ says ALMR

Posted in Licensing | January 19, 2017 | by Dadds LLP Solicitors

The Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers (ALMR) has condemned Tower Hamlets Council’s decision to implement a Late Night Levy and warned that it will have a detrimental effect on local businesses.

ALMR Chief Executive Kate Nicholls commented:

“The introduction of a Late Night Levy is a hugely retrograde step for the Council and there is a real danger that local businesses will suffer as a result.

“Pubs and bars in Tower Hamlets already make a substantial contribution in the form of taxes and business rates, and an additional cost burden will only undermine their ability to invest and employ in the area. The borough’s pubs, bars and nightclubs are an asset to the community. They attract customers, bring money to the area and contribute to the unique character of this part of London.

“The ALMR has consistently opposed the introduction of Late Night Levies and has liaised with councils to promote a greater emphasis on partnership schemes and voluntary measures, rather than punitive taxes. Local authorities across the UK need to work closely, and in harmony with their local pubs and bars, and need to begin to treat them as the great assets they are, rather than burdens or cash cows.”

The decision to implement a Levy was approved at a Council meeting on January 18th.

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