Tables & chairs or Street Café licences in London

Posted in Licensing | June 25, 2020 | by Dadds LLP Solicitors

If you are considering using an external area at your bar or restaurant and would like to speak to an expert about obtaining the relevant licence, please contact us.

The use of an external area can be invaluable for many premises, particularly during the summer months, vastly increasing their trading capacity. The application process, fees and timescales for obtaining a Tables and Chairs Licence can vary from one local authority to another.

Our licensing solicitors have extensive knowledge of how the different local authorities operate, and what is needed to achieve a licence throughout the various areas of the country. We lodge hundreds of applications on a yearly basis, helping a wide range of clients to maximise their trading area and consequently their profits.

If you have an area of public highway that you believe you could utilise as an outside area for your premises, we can explain exactly what will be required to obtain you the permissions needed to use the space.

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For further information, please contact our specialist licensing team to discuss your licensing needs at or call 01277 631811.

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