Licensing Fees

The Licensing Team is made up of David Dadds, Barrister and Solicitor/Advocate who is the founding member and partner of Dadds LLP and has many years’ experience as a licensing solicitor and Natasha Nunn, Solicitor and partner of Dadds LLP.  They are supported by Jean Adams, Catherine West and the Office Manager Louise Bailey.

Fee Information

In all cases we will agree fees prior to undertaking any work and these fees will be set out in a letter of engagement. All licensing applications are different and the ultimate costs will depend upon the individual circumstances of each matter and upon the level of support that is required.

In the majority of matters we charge clients by way of fixed fees however we are also willing to charge for work carried out by way of hourly fees if this is preferred.  If this is the case, then we will give an estimate of the cost at the outset and provide regular costs updates as the case proceeds.

Hourly Rates

Solicitor/ Partner

£250 plus VAT however if the matter is particularly urgent then this may increase to £350 plus VAT.

Assistant/ Paralegal

£130 plus VAT or £200 plus VAT if the matter is urgent.

Office Support

£100 plus VAT.

Fixed Fees

1. New Premises Licence Application (Under s17 Licensing Act 2003)

Standard Application - £750 - £1,500 plus VAT and disbursements.  Generally, a matter is considered to be a standard application if no prior consultation with the licensing authority or responsible authorities is required, if the premises is not situated in a cumulative impact area and/or the application is unlikely to have an impact upon any of the licensing objectives.

Medium complex application - our fees will be between £1500 -£2500 plus VAT and disbursements.

Highly complex application - £2500 - £5000 plus VAT and disbursements.

Whether a matter is straightforward or more complex will depend on a number of things such as the size and location of the site or the premises and the impact that any such application is likely to have upon the surrounding area.  Other factors will include whether the premises is in a residential area, in a cumulative impact area (where the presumption is to refuse the application) and whether any pre- application meetings are required with the Licensing Authority or other responsible authorities.


In preparing and submitting an application for a new premises licence, disbursements (costs payable to third parties) will also be incurred.  These are likely to include the licensing authority application fee (the amount is dependable upon the rateable value of the premises), fees for newspaper advertisements (you should budget between £250 - £400 plus VAT for this) and, if appropriate, counsels’ fees.

There may also be disbursements for travel and overnight accommodation if necessary.  Mileage is currently charged at 45p per mile.

2. Variation of Premises Licence (s34 Licensing Act 2003)

For an application for a full variation rather than an application for a minor variation we charge a fixed fee of between £750 - £2500 plus VAT.  The price will depend upon a number of factors including the nature of the application and whether any consultation with the licensing authority, other responsible authorities or residents is likely to be required.

What is included in a Fixed Fee

  • Taking initial instructions – this is for an appointment at the office during office hours.  We can offer an appointment with a client at the premises, however, this will incur a further fee, dependent upon the location of the premises and this would be advised at the time if this should be necessary.
  • Advising on promoting the licensing objectives.
  • Advising on plan that is required to accompany the application.  This does not include obtaining suitable plans for which further advice can be given if required.  Any further fee for this advice would be discussed in advance.
  • Completing and submitting the application, including the consent to be designated premises supervisor and schedule of conditions so as to promote the Licensing Objectives
  • Disclosing the application to the Responsible Authorities either online or by post as required by the relevant licensing authority.
  • Providing the relevant notice for the client to advertise the application at the premises and arranging for the application to be advertised in the relevant local newspaper.

Further Fees

Any further work over and above the factors stated above may incur an additional fee.This will be discussed and agreed with you prior to undertaking such work.Additional work may include the following:

  • Site visit to the premises
  • Any pre or post consultation with the licensing authority, responsible authorities or residents, by way of telephone, email/post or face to face meeting;
  • Any negotiations following the receipt of any relevant representations against the application;
  • Preparing for and attending any hearing if necessary


VAT is currently chargeable at 20%.

Time Scale

Once an application is submitted, it has to be advertised for 28 days during which time any relevant representations can be made. If there are no objections or representations, then the application is deemed to have been granted and we will liaise with the licensing authority in relation to them issuing the premises licence. If there are any objections or representations, then a Licensing Sub-Committee hearing will be required, unless an agreement can be reached. The hearing should take place within 20 working days after the end of the consultation period referred to above.

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