Licensing Reviews & Enforcement

Is your licence under review? Whilst we as a practice focus on all aspects of alcohol and leisure licensing law, the team at Dadds LLP Licensing Solicitors have particular expertise in advising and representing our clients in relation to enforcement action and reviews of licensed premises.

Our clients receive clear, practical advice and assistance at a time when they are under the considerable pressure of a review or enforcement action.

Clear, practical advice and assistance

If it is alleged that your premises is not promoting the licensing objectives, the Licensing Act allows the police, other responsible authorities or any interested party to ask the licensing authority to take a range of steps, including:

  • A temporary or permanent reduction in your trading hours;
  • A temporary or permanent removal of some of the licensable activities rfom your premises licence or club premises certificate;
  • A temporary or permanent modification of other conditions attached to your premises licence or club premises certificate;
  • The removal of the designated premises supervisor (DPS) from your premises licence; and/or
  • The suspension or complete revocation of your premises licence or club premises certificate.

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